Pool Haikus

Saturday, February 28, 2009

This is by far the longest haiku series I've ever done so far. It came to me, while I was swimming. I never got myself to write them down, until two weeks ago or so.

Feather, winter white.
Floats into the sparkling pool,
Sails, Sails, then sinks down.


Hard small turquoise Rock
Skips on the water surface.
Flies, Flies, sinks below.

Yellow Paper boat,
Slides in the pool from child’s hand.
Little Titanic.


Pair of lonely floats
Drift like aimless marooners,
Over the blue water.


In the manmade pool,
Over blue tiles and glass water,
Half-Submerged leaf.


The Child steps backwards,
Squares his legs, gets ready, then jumps.
Small-scale tsunami.

Teeth, or the absence of them

Last week, one of my molar teeth fell out.

Today, the dentist yanked out the last other milk tooth (he said it was a premolar).

We had beef noodles for lunch (with my family, not my dentist).

The pain caused (by the pulling of the tooth) hardly detered me from finishing my bowl.

What a greedy fellow I am.

What a short post this is.

Sea Cat Song

Saturday, February 21, 2009

This one's (another) post on Tyatora. The poem suddenly came to me yesterday, and I liked it. This is a popular "patriotic" song the Sea Cats like to sing. They're the ship-sailing race in Tyatora (see the first Tyatora post).

We're Sea Cats! We're Sea Cats!
Always have, and always will be!
We're Sea Cats! We're Sea cats!
Rulers of ocean, wave, and sea!

We're Sea Cats! We're Sea Cats!
Masters of water, and seashore and wave.
The Ocean was our birthplace,
The Ocean will be our grave.

We're Sea Cats! We're Sea Cats!
Cats with dorsal fins and long tails,
We're Sea Cats, We're Sea Cats,
Hunters of white-sharks, tuna, and whales.

We're Sea Cats! We're Sea Cats!
The waters we guard and we keep,
Forever preserve the seabeds,
Where our ancient forefathers sleep.

We're Sea Cats, We're Sea Cats!
Small in number, great in will,
Though war and rapine rage round us,
We survive and hold on still.

We're Sea Cats! We're Sea Cats!
Come see our caravels sailing.
We're Sea cats! We're Sea Cats!
Come hear our fiddles a-playing!

We're Sea Cats, We're Sea Cats!
Kings and sailors of the sea,
Sea cats, Great Sea Cats,
Open, merry, free.

We're Sea cats, We're Sea Cats!
Devoted to Maker on high,
Devoted to Jehovah the Mighty,
Creator of ocean, land and sky.

We're Sea Cats! We're Sea cats!
Always have and always will be!
We're Sea Cats! We're Sea Cats!
Rulers of ocean, wave, and sea!

Tyatora II

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I think I'm in a Tyatora craze.

I can't stop thinking about it, and I spend a considerable amount of time thinking about it, inventing new ideas and history. Tyatora has fascinated me, and its charm has made (and probably always will continue making) a mark on my life. I use this not as an "escape" world, but as a mirror, to reflect my thoughts, my heartcries, and my desire to express my deep admiration and wonder of Yahweh; or as the Tyatorans call Him, "Amentoris". It is, in essence, me.

I did forget, however, that there are two additional races (besides the ones I spoke of last post on Tyatora).

1. Gryphions (Tyatoran spelling of Griffins)

2. Chinchillas. Don't worry, Gryphions don't eat Chinchillas.

The Gryphions are a mountain race. Fierce and independant, the live in the gold-rich mountains of Norhtern Tyatora. This region is ruled (and ferociously guarded) by the griffin tribes, and all but a few contract-based companies and government programs are allowed to mine their gold here. Previously, prospectors and greedy giants threatened to start a Tyatoran Gold-rush, but the Gryphions drove back the gold-getters at the Battle of Vatlinclov some 500 years ago.

They, surprisingly, are herbivorous, who are fond of eating Kimboli Ferns and noodles.

The Chinchillas, are also a mountain race, but live on the fertile hillsides of Western Tyatora. They are farmers by trade, and swordsmiths. A family of Chinchillas may take four days to make a Gryphion-sized sword, slaving over this one sword, hammering, thwacking, planning, enlaying etc. When they are done, they sell this to the government for fifty thousand Corcals (Tyatoran currency). That's a lot of money, by the way. Their swords are so reputable to be good the govt. just has to have them (more or less a national ego). Their fruits are pretty sweet too.

Mom's calling, I'm out of time. Sorry about that. Hope you don't mind, readers. Oh yeah, I'll try to do Part Four of the Polar bear story soon(those things are hard to chug out).


Saturday, February 7, 2009

I'm nation inventing again. I'm callling my new country Tyatora.


Paravania was my old invention, but I'll keep my blog's name as Paravania Voice. Paravania's south of Tyatora. Paravania's a great deal bigger, and the inhabitants are different. Paravanian people are mainly animals and dinosaurs.

There are five big races that consider themsleves Tyatorans:

1. Nomadic monkeys
3.Sea Cats (something liked finned-lions)
4. Mermaids (and mermen)
5. Firk-notts (Oversized crosses between wallabies and weasels).

Nomadic Monkeys are the literati and philosophers of the country.

Humans. . .they're just there. I guess one could say they're mainly businessmen. They migrated from China to Tyatora, through an interplanetary portal. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Paravania and Tyatora are on another planet, called Endramius.

Anyways, back to the point, the Sea cats are a ship-sailing race. The can swim wonderfully but just don't really like it. They prefer manning their caravels.

Merpeople don't sail. They do the swimming. I guess the have to make up for the Sea cats' lack of interest.

Firk-notts are the farmers of the country. But in the past forty years, a lot of the younger generation of Firk-notts are migrating to cities. Tyatora has some racial discrimination problems.

Tyatora's neighboured by jungle tribes to the north. The sea is on the east. Vervar nomads are in the south. The mighty Allvelonyan Empire is in the west, waiting to swallow up Tyatora. Fortunately for a small country like Tyatora, the Allvelonyan Empire's busy attacking other kingdoms. They aren't attacking Tyatora yet. Emphasis on yet. Tyatora's allying with the jungle people and Vervar nomads for military protection.

I'm running out of things to talk about Tyatora. I'll post on it again when I've got new ideas.


Friday, February 6, 2009

I've ulcers again. Painful ones. My tongue is presently being ravaged by them as I write this. Watermelon-rind powder is useless, except for a thirty second relief. I am too cowardly to apply salt, and I'm not taking coffee powder.

At least this one isn't that bad. Nothing beats Bunny-Rabbit. Oh yeah, I forgot to say it. . .I name my meaner ulcers. Bunny rabbit was by far the worst ulcer. It was at the tip of my tongue, and it held me in captivity for days. Weeks. The one I have now is not so bad. Yet. I'll call it Gollum.