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Thursday, April 8, 2010

More thoughts

Monday, April 5, 2010

Such darkness! Darkness among the kings and rulers! Such darkness in the hamlets and cities! Such darkness in the streets! Such blood on the cobblestones, but who knows of them? The night hides all! Such sorrows! Such filth! Such chaos! Such starless nights! SUch weariness, such frustrations, such disorder, indeed in our world!

In the hearts of men, in the sanctums of the citadels, in the cold hearths and houses of the living, such darkness! Such confusion, such blindness! What sorrow is this?

And men do not know the way! They have not heard the voice of the shepherd, or they choose to scorn it, even if they do. They have not heard of fire or light of dawn or day, and so are sad?

And among the lantern-bearers, among the light-holders, who are so few, why do so many hide their fires? Do they not see that all around the darkness is working its power upon the masses? What fools! What hypocrites, they are! Can they not hear the cry of the old, the weary, the tired, the sad, the angered? Why will they not turn their ears? Why do they hide in the houses and wait for doomsday like vultures for death? What Fools are we, all of us!

Alas, Emantor, Great God, do you see the plight of our earth? Oh God, my heart is weary! Give us strength to uphold the light and remember the light of the morning! May the dawn come soon, King of the Day and the Light,