Seahorse Steeds

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Knights are charging,

Silver Armor and Azure on the Shields,

Charging up, up, up the Sand, on Blue Seahorses,

Who gallop on the White, foamy tails of Waves,

In the high tide.

Do not stop, do not wait to rest,

Stop not for the Green Dragon kelp-weeds,

Stop not for the scarlet-backed crablings,

Stop only to hear the thunder and beauty of water,

And let your steed feel the golden sand under hoof and tail.

For your life is short,

And with the tide you return,

And then I will forget you.


The Juggler said...

Great poem! I like the way you compare the tide to an army of knights. You have a style all your own: epic stories of knights, legends, and mythical animals. Cool thoughts.

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